The Expendables and the Top 5 That should be in the sequel.

Check out the HD Trailer Below.

Now that you checked out the trailer, in no particular order here are my top 5 for a sequel.

1. Charles Bronson

Even though he is dead, they can still CG him like they did for Arnold in Ternimator Salvation. But this guy kicks major ass, he had a Death Wish like 5 times and I think its time to give him a little recognition. He can be cast as Sly's father, and at the end have them fight to the death.

2.Steven SeagalHe is Big, he is mean and can break your neck in a single move. Say what you want about Steven Seagalbut he knows how to bring it. He studies Bushido and plays the blues.... scratch that part, just give him a gun and some necks to break and we are all good.

3. Jean Claude Van Damme

Okay, why wasnt the muscles from Brussels in it in the first place?? come on! If anyone deserves to be in a super action flick, its Van Damme. I really want to see him cover his hands in glass like in "The Quest"... just no gratuitous butt shot that we all know he does in his movies.

4. Chuck Norris

Why? Because i think that if i dont, he will kick my assthink we can have a Expendables Vs Chuck Norris Movie, of course chuck will kill them all, but it will be cute watching them all try..

5. Billy From Predator

Just wanna see him cut himself and this time actually fight!! sorry dont know his name, but to me he will forever be known as Billy From Predator.

Bonus: For my Latinos


6. Mario Almada

He is like Harrison Ford mixed with Chuck Norris had a baby with Clint Eastwood.. Yes he is that Badass!!


hope u like my list.... enjoy


Posted on August 26, 2010 .