Homeboy Industries x Art x exhibit x 2012-3/16 Premier


For those of you that missed out on the Art Show check out what you missed out on. Food, drinks and dope muzic. Walking into the place you are greeted by a homeboy that will kindly hold the door open for you. Once inside I squeezed myself through the crowd and strait to Angela's green potion, yumm! This event was awesome; there was a diverse group of people appreciating Jose Ramirez and Fabian Debora art. The event was electrifying, what can I say; parking was just right the food and drinks were great, the art was beautiful, the music was on point, and meeting all the artist in there was a delight.

-The Spot-

Homeboy Hoang Pham aka 'chino' greeting you at the door and Homeboy's new intern Jena. Pham was a very professional and charismatic greeter; right away he made you feel welcomed.

-Inside look-

I had the pleasure of meeting the Artist Fabian Debora, he is a very humble and charming artist and his art pieces are touching. He took a moment from signing autographs to take a picture with the new intern. Check out his website www.fabianspadedebora.com 

-Fabian Debora and Jena-

Also, Jose Ramirez was awesome he let me take a pix of him and one of the muzic performers, the art that is behind him is one of my favorite. Here's his site www.ramirezart.com to check out his stuff. 

-Jose Ramirez and Aloe Blacc-

In a quick convo with Aloe Blacc he told me that he was there to show support to his friends. The Muzic definitely set the mood in the place. They had a lot of energy.


All in all it was a wonderful experience. All proceeds goes to Homeboy Industries and their facility. Their art will still be showcased for the next month. So if you've never been to Homegirl Cafe, you should stop by and have a good meal with some good art.    


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Posted on March 17, 2012 .