Welcome: Our Newest member of Asociated Bobby Marinez

We would like to welcome our newest member of the Asociated art collective, Bobby Marinez. Currently residing in Rochester Mn. His art style and use of color really attracted us to his work and decided that he will be a great addition to our roster. We asked him a couple questions to get to know him a bit better, and we hope you enjoy his art as much as we do.

What made you decide to become a artist?

Bobby: The unconditional love that art's shown me. Ever since I was a kid, and no matter what I went through or what my state of being was, art was always there. But what really launched my passion and belief was when I experienced the true meaning of " hitting rock bottom" . I lost touch with everything and everyone for a long time and in my search for some meaning, I found my sketchbook. And when I started drawing in it, I found that it was still there waiting for me this whole time! Art. Creativity. These things had never left, it was just me who took a detour. I know it sounds cheesy but from that EXACT moment on, I knew what I had to do. I knew I had re-aligned myself with my destiny.

How would you describe your style?

Bobby: Ambidextrous. Creatively analytical.

2 things you cant live without?

Bobby: Love, Creativity

Where is your favorite place to eat in Minnesota? Texas?

Bobby:In MN: Culver's (it's kinda mainstream but damn those butterburgers are good as hell!)

In LA: I've yet to find out...

In TX: Gonna have to put two down. 1) MG's Pizza, 2) La Estrellita Restaurant (specifically the carne guisada w/cheese tacos!)---Damn I'm hungry

If you could invite a Artist to dinner, who would it be?

Bobby: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Whats your approach to making a new piece?

Bobby: I always start with energy and a somewhat vague idea. I know the subject matter and the composition (kinda). When I first start its usually fast-paced and the application is very liberal. But as the piece progresses, I become more calm and disciplined. The process goes from me splattering paint in an almost impersonal way, to me adding the details with a fine brush and building a calm, patient connection with the work itself. Thats when time stops existing.

Any thing else you would like to add?

Throught my life, I'd always daydream or imagine times like this when people would like my work and things like this would be happening. I always wondered what I'd do if that ever became a reality. Guess its time now. Thanks for the oppurtunity. You won't be disappointed. Lets get it!

Thanks alot! be sure you guys check out Bobbys work as we look forward to working with him and growing


Welcome Bobby to the Collective!


Posted on June 14, 2012 .