2Pac is definitely back!

So Pac has been dead for around 15 years now, but during that time has released around 8 posthomous albums, a ton of documentaries, a movie is being shopped around and now add Coachella performer!

Posted on April 16, 2012 .

Homeboy Industries x Art x exhibit x 2012-3/16 Premier


For those of you that missed out on the Art Show check out what you missed out on. Food, drinks and dope muzic. Walking into the place you are greeted by a homeboy that will kindly hold the door open for you. Once inside I squeezed myself through the crowd and strait to Angela's green potion, yumm! This event was awesome; there was a diverse group of people appreciating Jose Ramirez and Fabian Debora art. The event was electrifying, what can I say; parking was just right the food and drinks were great, the art was beautiful, the music was on point, and meeting all the artist in there was a delight.

-The Spot-

Homeboy Hoang Pham aka 'chino' greeting you at the door and Homeboy's new intern Jena. Pham was a very professional and charismatic greeter; right away he made you feel welcomed.

-Inside look-

I had the pleasure of meeting the Artist Fabian Debora, he is a very humble and charming artist and his art pieces are touching. He took a moment from signing autographs to take a picture with the new intern. Check out his website www.fabianspadedebora.com 

-Fabian Debora and Jena-

Also, Jose Ramirez was awesome he let me take a pix of him and one of the muzic performers, the art that is behind him is one of my favorite. Here's his site www.ramirezart.com to check out his stuff. 

-Jose Ramirez and Aloe Blacc-

In a quick convo with Aloe Blacc he told me that he was there to show support to his friends. The Muzic definitely set the mood in the place. They had a lot of energy.


All in all it was a wonderful experience. All proceeds goes to Homeboy Industries and their facility. Their art will still be showcased for the next month. So if you've never been to Homegirl Cafe, you should stop by and have a good meal with some good art.    


Homeboy Industries Main Page



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Homeboy Industries x Art x exhibit

Allow me to introduce myself, I am one of the new ASCTD krewmembers, and for now on i will be posting photos of places to eat, see, and random street pix. Today I ate breakfast at homegirls cafe with no intentions of talking about it, I just simply enjoy their food. Their Chilaquiles always hits the spot for breakfast. With some red sauce (they also have green sauce), a cup of coffee and a side of bacon of course! (sorry no pix of my delicious food, cause I ate it before i got the chance to take a pix of it.) 


Things changed when I noticed the art displayed on their walls at the Cafe, and I couldnt help it but to take out the camera and start shooting. So I went to ask for formal permission to take pix and the event manager told me all about tomorrow's exhibit. She graciously gave me permission to show you guys one of the paintings that will be on display tomorrow. For more info on the subject, check them out on FB. Homeboy Industries 

Two men have found an artistic way to express themselves with Homeboy Industries' Exit Wounds Project, a workshop and art collaboration led by painter Nancy Baker Cahill.

So as promised heres one of the pics.

Artist: Fabian Debora.


And while you there you MUST! try their Angela's Green Potion!!! I was skepticle at 1st, but damn was it GOOD! 

Try it.


Art, Music, and Food come join this great benefit. To read more about what Homeboys is doing just follow this link LA Times. Here's a snippet on what you will find in the LA Times article, --Exit Wounds is not just about the art but about the dreams and struggles of the artists. 'You need to look beneath the surface. There's a lot of meaning in all the layers.'--




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Latin Rock and Art!

Tomorrow is the day! join us for a great night of art and music! this promises to be a awesome show and would like all of you here! just say Asociated. at the door.

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CHuck taylor x Biker jacket desig



Converse presents the Motorcycle Pack for Spring 2012. Available in 2 versions, special Jacket Hi and Jacket Low versions. It features Special details can be seen on the side Converse patch on the Jacket Hi and durable leather uppers inspired by rugged motorcycle jackets.  It also has a unique zipper eyerow detailing with metallic eyelets utilized on both models. Get them trough NYC stores and online at KithNYC.com for $70 USD.



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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot





San Francisco-based artist Frank Kozik has a new bondage interpreation of Kidrobot's Labbit. When these things hit the shelf there gonna be gone quick there's a limited quantity of 1,200 units. - March 22, 2012 -


Posted on March 6, 2012 .

Rock and Art

You know what to do. March 10th - be there! An event not to be missed. Enjoy Latin rock and Art. Say Asociated at the door for somethin special. 

Posted on February 24, 2012 .

Limp Bizkit x Cash Money


Lil Wayne says Cash Money has signed rap-rockers Limp Bizkit. During a phone call with New York's 98.7 KissFM Thursday night, the rapper revealed the label is on a spending spree – they're reportedly on the verge of inking Ashanti, too – following recent success with acts including Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst later confirmed the signing with a series of tweets ("The game is missing danger, electricity and rock n roll!!!! Cash Money Limp Bizkit").

The band's most recent album, Gold Cobra, a reunion with guitarist Wes Borland, peaked last year at Number 16 on the Billboard chart.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lil-wayne-cash-money-signs-limp-bizkit-20120224#ixzz1nLkXzEKK
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